About Me

GoddesWelcome to Bead on the Beach. I encountered beadwork back in ’96, while I lived in the United States (Redondo Beach, CA.). For me, the luckiest thing was that I started beading just in the nick of time online bead community began to emerge.

Looking at my gallery pages, you can tell how many great things I learned from sitting in front of my PC. I can’t thank enough many bead artists who generously share their expertise and knowledge online. Without the Internet, I would never had a chance to enjoy beading or get to know those wonderful, talented people.

Now back in Japan, enjoying beadwork as I did in the States, I’m wondering if there is anything I can contribute back to the bead community which has helped me grow as a bead artist and has given me so much pleasure. I’m going to start introducing Japanese bead pages to the beaders outside Japan, and vice versa. Hope you enjoy my web pages.

P.S. I’m in the middle of transforming my website to a blog format. Many old contents are still in the plain html format. You can look at my old English web pages at old.beadjapan.net.

Mariko Yamamoto (mariko@beadjapan.net)


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